24 March 2016

Medical Tourism: UPMC at the MOSCOW MEDSHOW 2016

Medical Tourism: UPMC at the MOSCOW MEDSHOW 2016

UPMC Italy participated in the Moscow MedShow, a medical tourism exhibition taking place in Moscow, Russia, on March 18-19, 2016.

The goal of this international event is to create a professional platform and bringing medical tourism providers into direct contact with potential Russian patients and clients.

Medical tourism

Medical tourism can be described as a patient’s journey abroad to:

  • receive medical treatment not available in their countries of origin
  • access quality care
  • decrease medical costs
  • overcome the problem of long waiting lists
  • combine clinical and tourist/cultural needs.

More and more often, specialty treatments in state-of-the-art medical centers are in fact combined with holidays in dream-like locations to receive treatment and enjoy a relaxing experience, taking care of both the physical and mental wellbeing.

Why choose Italy for medical tourism

With its high quality medical services and unique tourist offer, Italy can indeed become a destination of excellence for international medical tourism. WHO rates Italy’s NHS as one of the best in the world for:

  • medical offer
  • variety of public and private facilities with high-specialty clinical units
  • multiple globally-recognized examples of medical excellence

The Moscow MedShow

The purpose of the Moscow MedShow is to facilitate exchanges between international medical organizations and clients/patients interested in qualified medical treatments outside Russia. Each year, the number of Russians actively seeking medical treatment abroad increases by 20-30%, and most frequently these requests are related to oncology and cardiovascular diseases. Specialty hospitals, medical test centers, tour operators offering medical-tourist packages, rehabilitation centers, weight control and correction centers, all attended this event.

UPMC’s mission is to share its clinical, technological and managerial knowledge and expertise with international partners and  provide the best possible health care to patients all over the world.