5 June 2018

UPMC and Terme di Chianciano: 2018ESPA Innovation Award

UPMC and Terme di Chianciano: 2018ESPA Innovation Award

ESPA (European Spas Association) acknowledged UPMC Institute for Health and Terme di Chianciano as best example of innovation in the category INNOVATIVE HEALTH SPA PROGRAMME at the 2018 ESPA Innovation Awards. Winners of the 2018 ESPA Innovation Awards were announced at this year’s ESPA Annual Congress in Domburg (The Netherlands). Over 70 professionals from European spa centers gathered to celebrate innovation.

UPMC and Terme di Chianciano: the project acknoledged at the 2018 ESPA Innovation Awards

The project was awarded for its innovative and state-of-the-art characteristics. Terme di Chianciano and UPMC Institute for Health have launched a health and wellness program that combines the long thermal tradition of Chianciano Terme with the know-how of UPMC (University of Pittsburgh Medical Center). This collaboration offers patients standard thermal water treatments for digestive problems (steatosis, constipation, irritable bowel syndrome, reflux) as part of programs for prevention and early diagnosis of metabolic diseases, and to regain a healthy lifestyle. The final outcome is nothing but healthy:

  •  hydroponic treatment with spring water to eliminate toxins from the liver
  • screening programs to identify risk factors with in-depth tests
  • advanced diagnostic tools for cardiac and GI tract assessment
  • physical exercise prescriptions and nutritional consults to let go of unhealthy lifestyles


Terme di Chianciano and UPMC Institute for Health are developing international research projects in collaboration with UPMC and the University of Pittsburgh. The studies focus on:

  • impact of physical exercise and nutritional protocols on the main organs and systems (e.h., cardiovascular, gastrointestinal)
  • effects of spring water on the gastrointestinal tract
  • biological markers, which will allow a more rapid and customized verification of preventive interventions on general health, and on behavioral, molecular, and structural biomarkers of the brain’s health. This information will allow to stratify individuals based on their “cognitive signature”, and to develop targeted, specific rehabilitation protocols.

The health services and treatments offered make Terme di Chianciano the right place for people who want to undergo a thorough health screening and improve their lifestyle to feel better and be healthier.

“Terme di Chianciano is innovating its health and wellbeing services using its thermal resources to treat the typical diseases of modern times,” says Mauro Della Lena, Director General of Terme di Chianciano. “The partnership with UPMC, the therapeutic efficacy and the unique characteristics of our waters, together with the large investments carried out for wellness make Chianciano Terme an ideal destination for prevention of non-communicable chronic diseases. This award confirms our potential to compete in the health tourism market on a national and international level.”