Specialty Consults

Prevention, diagnosis and treatment: access to an highly-qualified team for specialty consults. Nutrition, endocrinology, pneumology, dermatology, psychology and much more


How is your heart? Request a cardiology consult and specific tests to diagnose cardiovascular diseases.


Take care of your skin, the body’s most extensive organ


A program designed to diagnose and treat endocrine disorders and diseases (metabolism, thyroid, etc.)

Nutritional program

Personalized nutritional programs to prevent the most common chronic diseases


Minimally invasive hand surgery procedures, performed in an outpatient setting, to treat the most common diseases of the wrist and hand


See our specialists to prevent and solve musculoskeletal and other problems


Monitor the health of your lungs, precious organs too often overlooked


Asking for help is the first step towards recovery

Speech Therapy

Prevention, diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation of speech, voice, language and communication disorders


We deal with the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of the most common urological problems.

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