28 January 2016



We all know that when it comes to health prevention and lifestyle can truly make a difference.

However, at times we are baffled by all the information, advice, and prohibitions arriving from all sorts of different sources (media, Internet, friends, relatives…). When in doubt about what to do always ask your doctor. In addition you may want to check out a simple list put together by the American Heart Association.

This checklist contains “Seven steps for prevention” to determine your cardiovascular risks and, most of all, to improve your overall wellness. These are very simple measures; any person can make these changes, they are not expensive and can be made at any time.  Start with one or two. They’ll help you improve your condition and will lay the ground for a more conscious and proactive approach to your health.

What’s it about? These are all well-known facts. But it’s good, and handy, to see them all together in a list.

  • Get Active
  • Control Cholesterol
  • Eat Better
  • Manage Blood Pressure
  • Check your BMI and, if necessary, lose weight
  • Reduce Blood Sugar
  • Stop Smoking

Following these simple measures will allow you to adopt a healthy lifestyle and to start taking care of your wellness.  Prevention, however, is not just about eating well and exercising regularly, it also involves being aware of your health undergoing screening and check-up programs. A healthy lifestyle should always go hand in hand with periodic medical examinations.

Today, more than ever before, prevention is a key factor to accomplish and maintain your ultimate mental and physical wellness.

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