Osteopathy is a manual medicine that can help preventing, diagnosing and treating disorders that involve:

  • the neuromusculoskeletal system
  • the craniosacral system (binding the skull, spine and sacrum)
  • the visceral system (mobility of visceral organs).

Some of the disorders effectively treated with osteopathy:

  • headaches
  • migraines
  • dizziness
  • neuropathies
  • cervical and spine pain in general
  • lumbago
  • sciatica
  • postural decompensations
  • scoliosis
  • TMJ (temporomandibular joint) disorders, i.e., related to teeth, gums, muscles or jaw joints
  • gastrointestinal disorders
  • … and much more.

Osteopathy has an extremely wide range of action and is suitable for people of all ages and conditions: from the newborn to the elderly, from adolescents to pregnant women.

During the session, the osteopath performs a global assessment of the patient  with specific and manual tests, as well as diagnostic tests, if available (e.g. x-rays, MRI, etc.), to detect the possible causes of the disorder.  Based on the outcome of the assessment, the osteopath identifies the most suitable techniques to reduce the pain and recover the psychophysical functions and well-being.

At UPMC Institute for Health Chianciano Terme we now provide our patients with a 3D postural biometric test that uses an advanced technology developed by highly qualified engineers. This is a non-invasive and non-harmful device that performs a complete analysis of the spinal column thanks to a 3D reconstruction of the patient’s skeleton, using no radiations. The test is totally painless, it lasts only a few minutes, and allows early diagnosis of many diseases of the spine, and can also monitor the evolution of disorders such as scoliosis or lordosis. No x-rays are used in this process therefore repeated tests can be performed on children, adolescents, adults, elderly people, pregnant women, amateur sportsmen, professional athletes, etc. At all ages and conditions it is in fact essential to be aware of our postural situation to prevent the onset of pain, diseases, muscular fatigue, reduce potential injuries, and maintain a general state of well-being.


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