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Otago is an exercise program designed for the elderly, to prevent and reduce the risk of falls.

It has been proven that a sedentary lifestyle, at any age, can lead to a decrease in physical functional capacity, which is even more evident in elderly not practicing any kind of physical activity. Contrary to popular belief, however, it is never too late to start training and to begin leading a more active and autonomous life.

An Otago lesson mainly involves exercises for:

  • strength
  • balance
  • stretching safely

The program is carried out with the help of a chair and follows a protocol of well-defined exercises, which are progressively aimed at gaining confidence when walking and in small daily movements.
It has been proven that practicing specific exercises to enhance balance and physical strength prevents falls and provides greater confidence in movement.

For results to be evident, however, exercises must be carried out on a regular basis and tailored to suit individual needs:

  • to achieve a specific goal, exercises must be specific
  • to experience real improvement the load must increase progressively
  • after a workout session, it is essential to rest and recover strength and energy to prevent the onset of injuries
  • to ensure long-lasting results, exercises must be carried out on a regular basis
  • exercises must be customized and tailored to individual needs

Otago lessons are available at our Medical and Wellness Center, with the support of kinesiologist Vanessa Vannuccini and in collaboration with USL Toscana Sud Est.