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Holistic practices

Holistic practices are complementary therapies that consider the health of the entire person, placing the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects on the same level.

Holistic practices are a part of the so-called alternative medicine. They offer the opportunity to rebalance the general state of health, restore psychophysiological balance, and improve people’s quality of life.

At UPMC Institute for Health Chianciano Terme we offer the following treatments:

  • Foot reflexology
  • Reiki practice
  • Kinesiology or Emotional counselling

By integrating these three techniques in a personalized way, people are accompanied on a path to explore unconscious emotional reactions and their origins. The objective is to learn to understand themselves better, make peace with the past, and fully savor the present.

Foot reflexology

Foot reflexology is a type of massage that involves applying pressure to the foot plant, with the aim of alleviating disorders or pathologies affecting other parts of the body.

This practice is based on a theory that certain areas of the feet are connected to organs and nerves, joints, etc. By applying pressure and massaging specific areas of the foot plant it is possible to treat disorders and pathologies affecting those organs.
The pressure or massage is only for experienced therapists in the practice of foot reflexology, who usually use their fingers, without the use of oils or lotions.

Reiki practice

This is a Japanese technique that aims to treat disorders and diseases (physical, mental, emotional and spiritual) by rebalancing the vital energy (the “ki”). Reiki massage is an alternative practice, a discipline that aims to cure diseases of any kind by transferring energy from the hands of the practitioner to the recipient.
It is believed that Reiki massage has its roots in an ancient past, but that its practice was developed in the second half of the 19th century, in Japan, by Mikao Usui.

Emotional counselling

Emotional kinesiology or emotional counseling consists of an individual path that allows to improve one’s relationship with emotions and to live within personal contexts (work, family, friends) in a more serene and satisfying way. It is important to understand that unexpressed or repressed emotions can generate strong stress within our organism.
The emotional counselling offered at our center is based on the search for relations between physical symptoms and emotional memories. This method is also offered as integration to traditional medicine to improve our patient’s wellbeing.

Holistic practices