5 February 2016



“Fat inside”, the new book by Dr. Nicola Sorrentino explaining the benefits of a balanced diet

Since 1995, Nicola Sorrentino has been focusing on nutrition and has written several books on nutrition issues and body weight. As scientific director of the Terme Sensoriali in Chianciano, Dr. Sorrentino is well aware of UPMC Institute for Health Chianciano Terme and in fact he mentions the Center in his most recent work entitled “Fat inside”, published in Italy by Mondadori. In this book Dr. Sorrentino explains the benefits of a balanced diet and how to reach a perfect physical condition and achieve a status of well-being allowing us to live a better life and preserve our health.

This book describes the various goals including treating the intestine and purifying the liver. Incidentally these are two areas for which UPMC Institute for Health Chianciano Terme offers advanced treatments aimed at identifying potential critical issues of the organism, and starting a maintenance or rehabilitation process. Diet is important as is our awareness of nutrition. However we need to take a step further towards prevention, going beyond the “aesthetic” goal and committing to learn the correct habits to preserve our health.

The first step can be undergoing a check-up that can provide us with a snapshot of our general health status. One of the services offered at UPMC Institute for Health Chianciano Terme is Opera Check-Up®, a highly innovative and personalized screening program.

Having access to clear and accurate information on our health is most important for prevention.

A first step to take care of ourselves is finding out if we are “fat inside”… and then move on in the right direction!