29 August 2016

“Donne di denari”: money management tips

“Donne di denari”: money management tips

On September 10, the book Donne di denari will be presented in Chianciano Terme, at Parco dell’Acqua Santa. The event is organized by UPMC Institute for Health Chianciano Terme and Terme di Chianciano.

Debora Rosciani, journalist and author of the book, will be interviewed by Nicoletta Carbone, her co-speaker on the radio show Cuore e Denari (Heart and Money) aired by Radio24, to discuss the main subject of the book: the complex relation between women and money.

The book was written to help women have a better understanding of everything that has to do with money, and wishing to no longer leave key financial decisions in the hands of their fathers, partners, or husbands.

This, however, far from being an in-depth, nitpicking manual on how to save money, is a useful guide for women who want to be in control of their finances but don’t know where to start from.

In its 320 pages, Donne di Denari offers plenty of trivia, interviews with insiders, and tips for the reader:

  • how to set smart goals, based on the various phases of life
  • plan expenditures and savings
  • find the best mortgage
  • keep domestic accounts under control with minimum effort
  • plan long-term investments, such as health plans for the whole family
  • ask for a salary rise in 5 moves
  • how to get back in the game after a long absence from the labor market
  • save money for your children’s future
  • educate your children on the value of money
  • combine work and private life

Debora Rosciani hosted several shows at 24Ore TV before joining Radio24 with a show called Salvadanaio (The Moneybox) dedicated to family financial management. With Nicoletta Carbone, she hosts Cuore e Denari a successful daily talk show featuring the two most frequently discussed topics at home and at work: health and money. Her knowledge is not only theoretical, but based on personal experience: as most women dealing with finance she addresses social and sustainable issues.