A healthy liver is a vital component of good general health. The liver has a great functional reserve, but liver diseases can be asymptomatic for decades before signs and symptoms develop. The buildup of fat in the liver (also in people who are not overweight) is an early index of risk for systemic diseases, such as metabolic (e.g., diabetes) or cardiovascular (e.g., arterial hypertension, myocardial infarction, stroke) diseases. Monitoring the health of your liver is now possible with non-invasive and painless physical tests, such as medical ultrasound and liver elastography.

Liver elasticity is measured through the propagation speed and reflection of the elastic waves generated by a FibroScan, which gives the non-invasive indirect measurement of fat buildup (lipid molecules) in the liver without the need for a liver biopsy. Liver elasticity is usually altered by the following three conditions: congestion following cardiovascular diseases, inflammation caused by edema and infiltration by immune cells, and fibrosis following a chronic liver disease that leads to cirrhosis.

The FibroScan is a device, similar to an ultrasonograph, for measuring the elasticity of the liver through the ultrasounds generated by a probe on the surface of the liver, expressed in kPa, as well as the degree of steatosis, and the CAP index, i.e., the number of lipid molecules in the liver. The more the damage, the less elastic is the liver, and the higher the value.

The FibroScan is virtually operator-independent, and results are highly reproducible and can be repeated over time. The test does not require a specific preparation for the patient, only fasting.

The FibroScan is:
➢ Non-invasive
➢ Painless
➢ Fast (15 minutes)
➢ Reliable
➢ Objective


Hepatology, cardiology, diabetology, psychology assessment
Upper abdomen ultrasound
Lower abdomen ultrasound
Complete abdomen ultrasound
Liver and biliary tree ultrasound (screening for focal lesions)
Thyroid ultrasound
Neck ultrasound for lymph nodes
Abdominal aorta ultrasound
Cutaneous and subcutaneous ultrasound
Breast ultrasound
Muscle and superficial structure ultrasound
Lung ultrasound
Testicular ultrasound
Abdominal vessel and renal artery ultrasound
Urinary system ultrasound
Echo (color) Doppler of liver and bile ducts
Kidney and adrenal gland echo (color) Doppler
Echo (color) = Doppler of the spleen
Echo (color) Doppler of the urinary system
Thyroid and parathyroid echo (color) Doppler
Elastometry (FibroScan) with CAP index
EKG (with final report)
Color Doppler echocardiography
Color Doppler echocardiography for sports assessment
Echo (color) Doppler of the supra-aortic trunks
Echo (color) Doppler of the portal vein
Echo (color) Doppler of lower limb and districtual arteries
Echo (color) Doppler of upper limb and districtual arteries
Venous arterial lower limb Echo (color) Doppler
Echo (color) Doppler of iliac artery vessels
Holter blood pressure monitoring
Holter cardiac monitoring

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