7 January 2016

Comprehensive (Heart and Liver) Health

Comprehensive (Heart and Liver) Health

The comprehensive health program (heart and liver) is composed of a group of tests to assess the health conditions of whom/those that, also with no symptoms, want to evaluate the risk for diseases that could have serious consequences (cardiovascular diseases, metabolic diseases – diabetes mellitus and dysmetabolic syndrome -, tumors) or to obtain an early diagnosis for them. These illnesses progress silently, and symptoms appear only at an advanced stage of the disease, therefore to prevent them, an advanced diagnostic screening program is necessary. Prevention today is very important. There are therapies able to prevent disease progression and treat the majority of diseases, especially if diagnosed at an early stage. The comprehensive health program (hearth and liver), based on the evaluation of non-invasive indexes that indicate the health of the liver and the cardiovascular system, is composed of:

– Lab tests

– Complete abdomen ultrasound

– Liver elastometry (Fibroscan), with measurement of the intrahepatic fat

– Echo (color) Doppler

– Echo (color) Doppler of the supra-aortic trunks

– Bioelectrical impedance analysis

– Cardiology assessment with EKG

– Nutritional assessment

– Final specialty consult

In addition to the above tests, especially for those above 50 years of age or with a family history of colon cancer, the comprehensive health program (hearth and liver) allows them to have a colonoscopy, which is the preferred examination method for screening pre-cancerous lesions (colon polyps) or for an early diagnosis of colorectal cancer, which is the most common type of cancer in Italy and in Europe, the second most common type of cancer in terms of incidence in men (after lung cancer), and the third in women (after breast and cervical cancer).