Summer School Project with the University of Perugia

Last September, the University for Foreigners of Perugia was in Chianciano Terme for the first edition of the Summer School of its “Made in Italy Food & Hospitality” bachelor’s degree course.

The project, originating from a collaboration among the City of Chianciano Terme, UPMC Institute for Health, Terme di Chianciano, and Artusi Hotel-Management School, included a one-week seminar on “Water, food, and hospitality: The virtues of a land, from the Etruscans to today” to explore the community, its resources, and future perspectives.

The Summer School welcomed students from universities, hotel management schools, and fans of Italian culture arriving from abroad, and offered classes, meetings with local operators, visit to companies, workshops and tasting sessions, healthy cooking classes linked to the food and wine history of the region, and wellness programs.

UPMC Institute for Health offered a lecture by nutritionist Roberta Mannucci and Chef Salvatore Quarto on the Mediterranean diet, from Minnesota researcher Ancel Keys who first discovered its extraordinary beneficial properties, to various scientific studies that rank it the best diet in the world.   Students were invited to prepare some recipes with Chef Quarto, to enhance the nutritional values and special taste of the local ingredients.

All classes obtained quite an unexpected success: those who had previously attended traditional cooking courses showed great interest in a new subject called Culinary Medicine and in its “vision” of the future challenges in the field of cooking and nutrition.  The program was a chance to learn more about nutrition in addition to its traditional aspects, as a critical element for health, consistent with food and religious choices, always focused on satisfying the needs of modern travelers, and enhancing welcoming and hospitality, key factors for those who work in this sector.


Te Summer School project will soon be repeated and extended to address these topics also in the medical community.



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