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Medical and Wellness Center



According to WHO worldwide obesity is increasing due to a lack of physical activity. Many major diseases are caused by a sedentary lifestyle and by a poor diet. Overweight, obesity, an unhealthy lifestyle, smoking and alcohol, all represent risk factors for cardiovascular diseases (hypertension, infarction, stroke), metabolic syndrome, diabetes, chronic respiratory disorders (night apnea, asthma, obstructive pulmonary disease), and neoplasms. Customized programs to modify our lifestyle based on a healthy diet and appropriate amount of physical exercise are key factors to prevent these pathologies.
The Medical Exercise and Wellness Center was created specifically to address these needs. The facility, located inside the UPMC Institute for Health, is the result of a collaboration between UPMC (University of Pittsburgh Medical Center), Terme di Chianciano, Municipality of Chianciano Terme, Azienda Usl Toscana sud est, University of Siena, and Technogym, a leading company in the field of fitness. The Medical Exercise and Wellness Center provides patient education and tutoring to gain a new lifestyle for healthy individuals with risk factors and/or full-blown diseases like diabetes, obesity, hypertension (primary and secondary prevention). It also offers personalized rehabilitation programs to patients with ischemic heart disease (tertiary prevention).


Cardiology Rehabilitation


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After a cardiac event, following our Cardiology Rehabilitation Program will allow to:

  • Optimize the outcomes of the first intervention

  • Limit the physiological and psychological consequences of the cardiovascular diseases

  • Protect the heart and prevent a second cardiac event and re-intervention

  • Improve blood pressure levels

  • Improve cholesterol

  • Reduce blood sugars

  • Facilitate psychophysical recovery, increasing the level of independence

  • Help maintain, or resume, an active role in society

  • Improve the quality of life and daily wellbeing

  • Provide important info on a healthier lifestyle

  • In some cases, reduce the amount of necessary medications

The Cardiology Rehabilitation Program at UPMC Institute for Health, located in the heart of Tuscany, can be accessed by private patients or through the Italian NHS, and consists of three steps (see below). The patient is constantly followed by a multidisciplinary team of cardiologists, physiotherapists, personal trainers, nurses, nutritionists and psychologists, working together to customize the program to the different clinical needs.


    A thorough clinical and instrumental assessment (including a lactate stress test) will assess the functional status of the heart at rest and under stress, and the patient’s risk profile.


    Our medical staff will follow patients along a personalized program designed based on the clinical assessment. This includes physical rehabilitation with specific training protocols, combined with educational programs on healthier lifestyles and on personal risk factors.


    A physical therapy reassessment will be conducted at the end of the Cardiology Rehabilitation Program. The results of the clinical and instrumental tests at rest and under stress will be reviewed. The cardiologist will prepare a discharge letter that will include test results, accomplished goals, adaptation to exercise, and recommendations to follow at home. A personalized training program will be provided to patients to continue exercising after the program is completed.

The Cardiology Rehabilitation Program is indicated after a cardiac event (e.g., heart attack, stroke), and more specifically for:

  • patients with an ischemic heart disease (post-myocardial infarction, post-aortocoronary bypass)

  • patients who underwent a coronary angioplasty

  • patients who underwent percutaneous and/or surgical revascularization

  • patients who underwent valve surgery

  • patients with a diffuse coronary heart disease

  • patients who underwent congenital heart defect corrective surgery

  • patients with chronic peripheral occlusive arterial disease

  • patients with a pacemaker or implantable defibrillator

  • patients with ejection fraction above 40% and who did not undergo revascularization

  • patients with peripheral vasculopathy


Physical Exercise


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Regular physical exercise and a healthy diet are the two key factors to:

  • Prevent the risk of chronic diseases (cardiovascular diseases, hypertension, hypercholesterolemia, heart diseases, infarction, stroke, metabolic syndrome, diabetes, cancer)

  • Improve and prevent cognitive decline

  • Control body weight, reducing negative consequences of overweight and obesity

  • Reduce the stress

  • Strengthen bones, muscles and joints, and prevent osteoporosis

  • Maintain self-esteem and a general wellbeing

The physical exercise program includes:

  • Initial assessment of general health conditions and of the body’s adaptation to exercise.

  • Personalized physical exercise and health education to prevent cardiovascular, liver, and metabolic diseases.

  • Final report on the program, with recommendations to maintain the achieved results.

This program was designed for:

  • Healthy people who want to learn about a healthy lifestyle

  • Healthy people with risk factors and a family history of cardiovascular, cerebrovascular, and oncological diseases

  • Patients with diabetes

  • Patients with hypertension

  • Patients with dyslipidemia

  • Patients with liver steatosis

  • Patients with other diseases and who need a change in lifestyle


How to reach us

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At the UPMC Institute for Health Chianciano Terme, we offer preventive medicine services for gastrointestinal, pancreatic, and cardiac diseases, metabolic syndrome, and diabetes. In other words, we take care of you.


The Italian division of the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center with facilities in Rome (UPMC San Pietro FBF, oncology radiotherapy and UPMC | Salvator Mundi International Hospital), Palermo (ISMETT IRCCS, organ transplants and highly specialized therapies and Ri.MED Foundation, research), Chianciano Terme (UPMC Institute for Health, preventive medicine and Medical Gym), Mirabella Eclano (UPMC Hillman Cancer Center at Villa Maria, oncology radiotherapy).


UPMC is an integrated global health enterprise headquartered in Pittsburgh, PA, USA. Its deep clinical, operational, and managerial expertise, combined with real-world experience, has made UPMC a leading health care provider in the United States. UPMC International shares clinical, technological, and managerial knowledge and expertise with partners across the globe customizing solutions to build the best possible health care for patients, close to home.

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